Welcome to the Botanical Gardens of Nevis.  Discover the beauty and diversity of the tropical plant kingdom against the dramatic backdrop of Nevis Peak.  A short journey from Charlestown and major resorts will bring you to the ideal place to sightsee, relax, and shop in a glorious tropical garden.  The Gardens are a beautiful and tranquil oasis, full of tropical flowers and shrubs, orchid terraces, dolphin fountains and water lily ponds.

The Gardens are situated on land originally belonging to the Montpelier Estates where, further up the road, a young Horatio Nelson married Fanny Nesbit in 1797.  The five-acre gardens contain a variety of tropical plants whose origins span the globe and where the cascades, dolphin fountains, and water lilies will delight you.

There are spectacular flowering trees and shrubs including the Flamboyant or Poinciana, Delonix regia, the national flower of St. Kitts and Nevis and named after Monsieur de Poincy, the first French Governor of St. Kitts, who is said to have introduced it to the region. The shaded Orchid Terraces are bejeweled with colorful bromeliads and orchid blossoms and there are over 100 species of palms.

Stroll through the Tropical Vine Garden to examine the strange fabric-like flowers of the Calico Vine and imbibe the perfume of the stephanotis.  Explore the mysterious Rainforest Conservatory to find ruins of a lost temple where delicate floral treasures grow in the mist of waterfalls.  Find the hidden geocaches and visit the fruit terraces, exotic orchids in bloom, or the stunning variety of plants for sale.

The Oasis Bar and Restaurant is closed indefinitely while we travel the world for inspiration for new and exciting offerings. Stay tuned.

A Herb Garden is strategically placed within easy reach of the restaurant kitchen and bees make their rounds collecting nectar to take back to hives placed in locations so as to avoid disturbing visitors.