Conservation in the Gardens

The commitment to conservation of wildlife, energy and natural resources underlies much of the management of the Nevis Botanical Gardens. Water is recycled around the ponds and fountains and existing solar lighting will be upgraded as part of future development of renewable energy sources.

The rich diversity of tropical vines, palms, flowering and fruiting trees support a wide variety of wildlife, from tiny frogs living in miniature pools in the bromeliads to fruit-raiding Green Vervet Monkeys. Nectar bearing blossoms feed both bees and humming birds and at night the bats feast on palm fruits, while the frogs make their presence known in loud song. Herons and Egrets stalk the pond for fish snacks and the fish in turn help maintain the water quality and control insects.

Harmony with nature underlies the concept of the gardens and use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers is minimal, being used only when necessary to maintain healthy plants.

Membership of Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) was one of the first steps taken by the present owners. Advice and guidance from this international organisation will help in developing conservation education and outreach


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