Staff & Advisors

The Gardens and its various components are staffed and managed daily by a team of hard-working, energetic individuals who tend each area under their care with careful attention.   

Amongst our amazing team are:

Terry, who has worked at the Gardens since its inception, knows every plant on the landscape and their medicinal benefits.  Terry also can be found leading visiting groups on tour, and his infectious laughter can be heard ringing throughout the Gardens. Visitors always enjoy Terry's tours.

The popular and tireless Mr. Leo is responsible for the establishment and maintainance of a variety of herb and vegetable gardens and fruit orchards, all used in our Oasis Restauant kitchen and for staff consumption.  He can also be seen all around town tending to Admin and maintance matters.  He is one busy guy!

Diane, a long-term Gardens staff member can be found in the Galleria Gift Shop fielding questions from visitors and dispensing historical anecdotes about the Gardens.

Maribel and Espie are EVERYWHERE!  keeping the Admin department on track, ensuring great service with a smile always at the entrance gate, the Oasis Restaurant as well as at the two Galleria gift shop outlets. Jenny is  our Head of Admin, and no one makes a move without her say-so!

Elmer and BJ lead our Facilties & Infrastructure Projects departments, - they manage the waterways, irrigation, security and power supplies, and nurseries, just for starters.... a dedicated and tireless team who often create amazing things out of nothing at all.  Melvin and Vincent are a dynamic duo of talent and energy.  Vincent holds court on our karaoke and zumba evenings! Allem creates incrediblly beautiful arrangements of bouquets and decorations with flowers and plants only from the Gardens.

At our Oasis Thai Restaurant, our chef Khun Somkeat creates tantalizing and scrumptious dishes.  Gary is our ever-smiling Mexologist extra-ordinaire, who makes magic in a blender with his potions of fruits and herbs from around our Gardens , some with secret Thai ingredients!  Carol runs - never walks - to get your orders out quickly and at its freshest, and always keeps the front of the house running smoothly and pleasant way possible.  Carol always makes your visit a memorable experience.

EVERYONE is a gardener!


Although the Gardens are privately owned and funded by the Douglas family, they benefit from advise by association with a number of private individuals and public organizations.  Amongst those who have given generously their time, advice and support without compensation are:

Mr. Edward and & Mrs. Karen Carpenter Marram of Wayland, Massachusstetts for their unwavering support, assistance and friendship.

Mrs. Gina Douglas Parmenter:  As Honorary Archivist of the Linnean Society of London, and a member of the European Botanical and Horticultural Libraries group in the U.K., she provides access to botanical information sources.

Special thanks to Raymond Jungles, renowned landscape designer/architect, whose recent works include the beautiful gardens of the Golden Rock Inn on Nevis.  Raymond voluntarily spent valuable time cataloguing the various species of plants and trees contained within these Gardens.  His work is documented in a file entitled "Nevis Botanical Garden: Nevis Island Plant Images".

The Gardens are a member of BGCI, Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

The Gardens welcome support and expertise from individuals or corporations wishing to offer their time services, or financial aid.

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